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"Oerstead, Knight of Lucretia and Odio, Demon King"
doodle -Odio- by moa810
:star: Oerstead became a Knight when he won a tournament, as well as the hand of the fair Princess Alicia.
:star: Shortly afterward, Alicia was kidnapped by a demon and, naturally, Oerstead set out to rescue her.
:star: Joined by his childhood friend, Strawbow, and the heroes, Hash and Uranus, he entered the lair of the Demon King and passed many trials.
:star: After defeating the Demon King, the group realizes that it was an imposter. Hash loses his life to the plague and Straybow was caught in the rubble as the castle began to crumble.
:star: Sad and tired, Oerstead and Uranus rest at the castle, planning to explore the secret of the Demon King in the morning.
:star: Oerstead catches a glimpse of Straybow in the middle of the night and rushes to find him.
:star: Oerstead, seeing a demon draped in a cloak, defeats him easily, then realizes that it was actually the King of Lucretia who had an illusion spell cast on him!
:star: Some guards, seeing Oerstead and the dead king, immediately blame him, calling the confused knight 'The True Demon King'.
:star: Frantically escaping Lucretia, Oerstead rushes to save Alicia, the one person left who believes in him.
:star: There, he finds Straybow, who was really the Demon King all along. Oerstead defeats him and finds Alicia, who had been seduced by Straybow, so she kills herself to rejoin him.
:star: Having no place to go, nobody left who believes in him, Oerstead becomes the new Demon King and kills everyone in Lucretia out of rage.
:star: Our heroes (the player) are sent to what was once Lucretia and defeats Oerstead (Now known as the Demon King, Odio). Oerstead broken body in blown away by the wind, his last words reminding the heroes that anyone can become a King of Demons, in any time and in any place.
:U by Liquid-Skie
:star: Oerstead is revived by an unknown force that he calls his 'Saint Alicia' in a wooded area of Europe, similar to Lucretia.
:star: He is taken into an apartment building in London with several others, also similar to heroes of long ago.
:star: Left over from his demon form, Oerstead has bat wings and a demon tail, though he tries to hide him.
:star: If he ever feels intense rage, his eyes will turn crimson and the Demon King will take over him. Therefore, he often simply avoids or ignores people that piss him off (for their own safety).
:star: After the battle with the heroes, Oerstead's right leg was mortally wounded. Because of that, he has a bit of a limp and needs to use a cane, mostly because his admin thought the idea was cool.

"Even though she betrayed me... I still have a place in my heart for her."

(hash, uranus)
"Those I will protect with my life."

(king of lucretia, pogo, akira, sundown, cube, oboro, masaru)
"Hm... I'm not quite sure."

(straybow, alicia, pogo, akira, sundown, cube, oboro, masaru)
"YOU... It's YOU..."

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"Oerstead, King of Demons and former Knight of Lucretia"
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